Bridgeport Deaf Association of the Deaf

Bridgeport Deaf Club of the Deaf began in 1946 by a group of young men, Ed Buell, John Shiloski, and Joseph Ferrone who see the needs to bring the deaf/hard of hearing community together to keep up with the daily changes evolving around our lives. The first hall was on East Main Street in Bridgeport, CT. The organization eventually purchased a building on Taft Ave. in 1973 with the purpose of having meetings and events to update our community. The building was sold in 1994/1995 as the organization have been using different locations for its meetings and events to promote its mission.

Over the years, GBAD had sponsored softball and basketball teams as a mean to bring the community together as well as to promote the recent changes with the laws, services and so forth that may have an impact on all of us in our daily lives ranging from child to senior citizen. GBAD's men basketball team has won nine consecutive New England Association of the Deaf regional championships and represent the region at the national tournament throughout United States. The organization brings and shares valuable information for our deaf/hard of hearing community for its awareness on the changes.

Your contribution is greatly appreciate to keep our organization's existence for the benefit of our deaf/hard of hearing community.