Founded and History

It was founded on February 6, 1998 by Theresa "Butter" Buttiglieri and Edward Blundell at a meeting at New England Home for the Deaf. The organization's name as New England Deaf Senior Citizens (NEDSC) was voted at this meeting. First officers (acting) were follows:

  • President - William Nye, ME
  • Vice President - Edward Blundell, MA
  • Vice President - Alice Rodriques, RI
  • Vice President - Rodney Wallace, ME
  • Secretary - Thelma Doucette, MA
  • Treasurer - Kenneth Doucette, MA

The 6 states involved were Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


NEDSC has its meetings 2 times a year, in the Spring and the Fall. The meetings are held alternately in the 6 different states. After the meeting, a luncheon will follow and then the social which is usually bingo. NEDSC now has biennial conference which is held every 2 years in even years and is hosted by the senior citizen organization of the state that won the bid at the previous conference.

NEDSC also has its annual picnic in the summer.

Number of Members

NEDSC presently has approximate 250 members.

Board Officers

2014 - 2017

Russell Biando

(508) 499-3498

Denise Paro

Vice President
(413) 725-4170



Basil Brackett

(860) 498-4111

Karla R. Madore

Assistant Secretary

Mary Lomastro

Board of Director

Alex Witkowski

Board of Director

Richard Todd

Board of Director

Wayne Dore

By-Laws Chairman



New England Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc.
c/o Russell L. Biando, President
29 Locust Street
Oxford, MA 01540-2443
Phone / VP
(508) 499-3498