About Us

On a Sunday afternoon, June 4, 1976, the elderly deaf of Greater Hartford responded to a call by Albert Berke, then the president of Connecticut Council of Organizations Serving the Deaf (CCOSD), to meet in the basement of the Lutheran Church of the Deaf, West Hartford, for the purpose of considering whether or not to formally organize a group of deaf senior citizens. Mr. Berke opened the meeting by stating that there were a number of deaf senior citizen groups in other states and suggested that we considered the possibility of forming one in Connecticut.

Mr. Berke then turned the meeting over to Gordon Clarke of West Hartford, who, with approval of those present, became the official chairman. Andrew Kostruba of Rocky Hill was appointed by the chairman to take notes of the proceedings. The 23 senior citizens, the majority of whom were West Hartford residents, voted unanimously to form a group called Deaf Senior Citizens of Greater Hartford and later on became incorporated with the State of Connecticut and became Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc.

They moved from the Elmwood Community Center to the Newington Senior and Disabled Center in 1990 in order to have a bigger facility for more people to attend for socials. Today the membership number has increased to over 150. The group meets every Tuesday from nine to four-thirty at the Senior Center to hold meetings, socials, and on occassions to have guest speakers. The CDSC is affiliated with the Connecticut Council of Organizations the Deaf.

Officers (2016 - 2018)

Board Officers

  •  President           

    Basil Brackett

    VP: 860-498-4111
  •  Vice President   

    David Lawrence

    VP: 860-316-2319
  •  Secretary           

    Erick D. Leckfor


  •  Treasurer           

    Bill (Alex) Witkowski

  •  Dues Collector  

    Maureen Rose

    VP: 561-290-1136
  •  First Trustee      

    Raymond Ball

    VP: 860-899-1823
  •  Second Trustee 

    Colleen Daly

    VP: 860-899-1642
  •  Third Trustee    

    Mary Corey

    VP: 203-437-7790
  •  Newsletter Editor

    Shirley Desrosier

    VP: 860-264-4626
  •  Newsletter Proofreader

    Nancy Okon

  •  Past President   

    Donald Wetzel


  •  Coffee               

    James Gallant

  •  Social                


  •  Bingo                

    Anthony Petro



  • Connecticut Council of Organization Serving the Deaf (CCOSD),   Shirley Desrosier, Alex Witkowski
  • CT Spring Relay Advisory Board,   Donald Wetzel
  • Connecticut Retirement Colony (CRC),   Carol Borsotti, Alt. Thomas Desrosier
  • New England Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc.,   Basil Brackett, Alt. Shirley Desrosier
  • Baystate Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc.
  • Central Mass Deaf Senior Center
  • Connecticut Deaf Senior Citizens
  • Maine Deaf Senior Citizens
  • Massachusetts Deaf Senior Center
  • New Hampshire Deaf Senior Citizens
  • North Shore Deaf Senior Citizens
  • Rhode Island Deaf Senior Citizens
  • South Shore Deaf Senior Center
  • St. Francis Deaf Senior Citizens
  • Vermont Deaf Senior Citizens

Former Presidents

  • 1976-1977   -  Anna Dempsky
  • 1978-1979   -  Edward Szopa
  • 1980-1981   -  Gordon Clarke
  • 1982-1983    -  Albert DeMaio
  • 1984-1985    -  Robert Wilson
  • 1986-1988    -  Lillian Wilson
  • 1989-1999    -  Wilfred Boucher
  • 2000-2003    -  Helen Dardis
  • 2004-2005     -  Allan Baran
  • 2006-2011     -  Donald Wetzel
  • 2012-Present     -  Basil Brackett