Central Mass
Deaf Senior Citizens Center, Inc.

About our History

History of Central MA Deaf Senior Citizens Center

Central Massachusetts Deaf Senior Citizens Center was founded in 1989 by a group of people who wanted a place where they could get together for socials, functions, and most importantly, to play BINGO!

The newly founded CMDSCC's First meeting was held on June 15, 1989 at St. John's Church in Worcester, MA. The group's first officers included President Donald Carter, Vice President George Trudeau, Secretary William Crowley and finally Treasurer Beatrice Crowley. The Board of Trustees included Rita Vaillancourt as Chairperson, Rella Bernier as 1st Trustee, Shirley Ovitt as 2nd Trustee and Raymond Boulanger as 3rd Trustee. The newly elected officers were soon sworn in by Fred Jarvis. Kathy Andreoli was first coordinator.

Bingo is a major part of this organization to this day! Back in 1989, Bingo was 25 cents per strip, 10 cents per card, and 25 cents for a full house.

On November 16th, 1989, the group took its first to Wright's Farm in Rhode Island for Thanksgiving. On December 14th, 1989, the group had its first Christmas Party. On February 15th, 1990, the 1st Valentine Social occurred. On March 15th, 1990 was the 1st Easter Social. All of these traditions still happen today.

On June 1990, the 2nd Election of Officers was held. The new Officers were President Ernest Ovitt, Vice President George Trudeau, Secretary Donald Carter and Treasurer Beatrice Crowley. Shirley Ovitt was the Chairperson of Trustees. Trustees were Maureen Hastings and Barbara Tandy.

On August 17th, 1994, the 1st trip was held to Plymouth Rock.

In 1996, the group moved to St. Matthew's Church in Worcester, MA on Southbridge Street and have been here since then.

Many things have changed over the years since the founding of the organization, but the years have been full of new, exciting events and new members!

Keep calm we're seniors

Board Members

Back row: Russell Biando, Hollis Pelletier, Richard Hathaway, David Levesque, John Klukas, Raymond Boulanger.

Front row: Mary Klukas, Maureen Biando, Claire Constantin, Coordinator, Juanita Pelletier, Assistant Coordinator / Treasurer, Lillian MacWhinnie.

Board Officers

Claire Constantin

e-mail: ziggy0295@gmail.com
VP: (774) 490-9956
Text: (508) 333-0585

Juanita Pelletier
Assistant Coordinator

e-mail: hollis.pelletier@yahoo.com
VP: (860) 481-7151
Text: (860) 420-7960

Kathy Whitney
Kitchen Worker

Maureen Hastings
Kitchen Worker

Mary Johnson
Kitchen Worker

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